Since 1999, the New York JFON site has served clients at three New York City clinics: one in Manhattan's Chinatown, another in Brooklyn's Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood, and the last in Queens at a church in Flushing. Each of these clinics was founded well before the establishment of the National JFON office, and in fact, these were some of the first clinics founded by United Methodist Committee of Relief, the organization that created JFON.

But even more remarkable than the longevity of the clinics is that each of these clinics has had the same coordinator for this entire time. Thus, it is long past time, in our newsletter, to give a well-deserved and public thank you to Helen Shum, Diane Larrier, and Wanda Gonzalez for their faithful and dedicated service for these many years.

You might imagine that any change to the operation of these three New York clinics could be met with a little trepidation by our volunteers, staff and board. After all, 15 years is a powerful track record that speaks for itself.

But I can announce with great pride that our entire team has met the challenge of two major transitions over the past several months with grace, courage and a renewed commitment to JFON.

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AuthorSteven Lee