From the Site Director

Welcome to the new NYAC-JFON newsletter!

The past 12 months at the New York Annual Conference - Justice For Our Neighbors (NYAC-JFON) ministry have been full of challenges but also exciting new opportunities for our staff, our ministry partners and our board. With the publication of our new quarterly e-newsletter and the official launch of our new website ( we mark the beginning of a new chapter here at NYAC-JFON.

I want to highlight just a few of these new developments:

TJ Mills, our site attorney, was chosen to take part in the United Nations Refugee Status Determination Project in Cairo, Egypt, a program of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). As a result, TJ requested a two-month leave of absence from his work at NYAC-JFON, which the board of directors granted, starting mid-October 2013 until mid-December 2013.

Our work in New York, however, continued uninterrupted, with all three of our legal clinics operating at full capacity in November and December, as we relied upon our two new associate site attorneys, S. Yan Sin and Mindy Kim-Liu, to carry on TJ's work in his absence. You can read more about TJ's work in Egypt, as well as details about Yan and Mindy, in this e-newsletter.

AuthorPaul Fleck